Zoom: Limit Your Meetings to Authenticated Users

If you have enabled your settings from the previous article, "Enabling Authenticated Users", you are now ready to schedule new meetings or edit existing meetings that limit access to authenticated users. What this means is that users who try to access your meeting will be prompted to sign in to join the meeting and only users with TSC credentials will be able to join your meetings.

Please follow the steps below so that only authenticated users can join your meeting:

1. Once you have enabled authenticated users in your settings, click Meetings and then click Schedule a New Meeting

2. On the Schedule a Meeting page, scroll down to Meeting options and click Only authenticated users can join, once you have done this click Save:

NOTE: This will default to TSC Faculty, Staff and Students (signed in via SSO) which means that only users with TSC credentials can join your meetings. The Sign in to Zoom option would allow anyone with a free zoom account to sign into your meeting.

3. Anyone who received the link and who is trying to access your meeting will need to have signed into Zoom with their TSC credentials. If they have not done so and depending on their circumstances, they will see one of the following two screens:

If they are not logged into Zoom:

If they are logged in with the wrong email domain:

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