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Pinned Article Help Us Tell TSC’s Story

Please let us know about any student you think would be a good subject for a feature story because of obstacles the student has overcome, the student's extremely notable achievements, etc.

House Style and Grammar & Usage Tips

Guidelines and tips related to writing for TSC materials

Social Media @ TSC

Guidelines for staff or faculty members who post on TSC social media channels or represent TSC via social media

Informing Faculty & Staff of a Death in the TSC Family

Information about how faculty and staff will be informed about the death of a member of the TSC family.

TSC Website Communications Standards

Basic guidelines for those who create or edit content on the TSC website.

Creating Content for Communications Products

Find information about style and usage guidelines for TSC print, digital and multimedia materials.

Interacting with the Media

Tips for faculty and staff on responding to media members' requests for information, interviews, etc.