Are Veterans Eligible for Tutorial Assistance?


Tutorial assistance may be paid to students under Chapters 30, 33, 35 and 1606. Tutorial assistance is not authorized for Chapter 1607 at this time. Tutorial assistance helps the student pay for necessary tutoring and is a supplement to the student's regular education benefit.

Veterans may receive a special allowance for individual tutoring if they enter school at one-half time or greater basis. To qualify, the veteran must have a deficiency in a subject, making the tutoring necessary. The school must certify a tutor's qualifications and the hours of tutoring. If eligible, veterans may receive a maximum monthly payment of $100. The maximum total benefit is $1,200. A total of $600 in tutorial assistance may be paid to a student without charge to the student's entitlement. All money paid after that limit is reached will be charged against that student's entitlement. The student is responsible for paying the tutor.



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