How do I check the status of my admission application?


Need to double check some things? Have you received text messages about missing items? 

You can check your admission application and registration status to see if you have any holds or action items on your account.

To do this you may access your Workday account or the Admission Application portal.  

  1. Log in to your Workday Student account. 
  2. In the center of your Workday dashboard, locate "My Holds" box under academic overview.  
  3. Click on View Holds to see the “Actions to Do,” or  “Holds” that need to be completed. 
  4. Click each hold to see the hold reason, description and resolution instructions.
  5. Or, locate your profile in the upper right corner, click View Profile. 
  6. Then select Action Items and Holds in blue on the left side menu.  From there you can view any holds or missing documents on your application (e.g. transcripts, residency, test scores, advising holds, etc.) and read the resolution instructions for how to complete/resolve the hold or action item.  Make sure you click on each tab at the top (Financial Aid, Admissions, Onboarding).  

Note:  Limited Access applicants applying to limited access programs like health care or law enforcement, should check their applications status via the Admission Application portal that was created with a personal email account. 

Workday is not available until the department formally accepts a student into the limited access program. When checking the Admission Application portal site, actions items that need to be completed will be noted with a yellow check mark.  Once the document is received, the check mark will be in green noting that the requirement is satisfied.   

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