How do I apply to the Florida Public Safety Institute if I am interested in Law Enforcement or Corrections?

The Florida Public Safety Institute offers training to become a law enforcement or corrections officer among other public safety careers. The following will help guide new students through the admission process.

  • 1. Contact the Testing Center:
  • Contact the Testing Center at (850) 201-8282 and achieve a passing score on the CJBAT test (Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test). There is a $35.00 charge to take the test. Those applying to the law enforcement academy must take the law enforcement CJBAT exam. Those applying to the corrections academy must take the corrections CJBAT exam.  
  1. 2. Apply for Admission to TSC
  2. Apply for admission to TSC using our online application
  3. After submitting the application, you will receive a confirmation page with your TSC Identification number, email address and password. Keep this page for your records as you will need this information to log in to TSC Passport and access your TSC email.
  4. If you were not able to upload your residency documents at the time of application, please remember to provide copies of the residency documents (e.g., driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter’s registration card) that reflect an issue date of at least one year prior to the first day of class for the semester you plan to attend to the Office of Admissions and Records. 
  • 3. Submit a Recruit Application
  • Download a Basic Recruit Application and complete the enclosed checklist. All documents must be included, or the application will not be processed. The seven-year driving history can be picked up at Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for a charge of approximately $10.

    Return the completed application to the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy. Return via U.S. mail to:

    Florida Public Safety Institute
    ATTN: Law Enforcement Coordinator or Corrections Coordinator (whichever is relevant)
    75 College Drive, Suite 203
    Havana, Florida 32333

  1. 4. Obtain a Level II Background Check
  2. Obtain a Level II criminal background check for State (FDLE) & Federal (FBI) via an FDLE approved vendor and sent to our ORI (FL922480Z). See below for a list of FDLE approved vendors' link. Fees for the Level II criminal background checks are set by the vendors. Applicants must choose a vendor from this list or the prints will not suffice for admittance into the academy.

    Ensure that you do not complete this step more than three months prior to the start date of the class you are applying for. However, we will need the results prior to your interview date, which will occur within the three month window just referenced. Typically, it takes 24-48 hours after you get your fingerprints done before the results are received. A government issued form of identification must be presented to the vendor.

    FDLE Livescan Provider List

  3. 5. After Submitting an Application

  4. Once the application has been completed and turned in, applicants will be contacted for an interview date and time. At the conclusion of the interview, applicants will receive an acceptance letter or the reason for not being accepted. 

    Applicants should not obtain a medical examination until they have been accepted to the academy.

    It is recommended that applicants begin an exercise program that builds stamina and flexibility. Review the physical self-assessment form and work to improve areas that may need improvement for the physical training required while attending the academy.

  5. For more information, contact:  

Law Enforcement:
Logan Lane
(850) 201-7007 

Glenn Alston
(850) 201-7659

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