What makes Tallahassee a special place?

Tallahassee is a special place because:

  • It's the capital of Florida, so our town is the political and governmental hub for the state.  However, for being a state capital, it maintains a small-town vibe and strong community feel. 
  • It's a college town. There are two other major universities in town, Florida State University and Florida A&M University, making Tallahassee home to over 70,000 college students from across the United States and the world. Tallahassee caters to students and student life, with endless outdoor activities, entertainment, festivals, museums, parks, and restaurants.
  • It's a sports town. If you enjoy sports, you'll have no trouble tuning in to the heartbeat of this town.
  • It's beautiful.  It is in the panhandle of Florida and is known for its canopy roads, historic locations as well as hiking and biking trails. Plus - if you enjoy the sand and surf, it's only a short drive to the ocean coast. Rolling hills, moss-draped oaks, fragrant magnolia trees and grand plantation lands cover the landscape. The Georgia line is just 14 miles to the north, while the Gulf of Mexico is 25 miles south. 

For more events, dining, shopping, and adventure opportunities, check out Visit Tallahassee or search the Tallahassee Arts Guide.

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