What is a Proctored Exam at TSC?

Distance learning (web-based) courses require a proctored site for testing. Proctor services are only for students who live outside of the service area of Leon, Gadsden and Wakulla Counties.

To register with a proctor, please complete the Proctor Registration Form. Carefully read the form, and provide your name, student ID, telephone number, email address, course, and instructor information. If you need help selecting a proctor, review the list of approved proctors.


To access the Proctor Registration form and list of approved proctors, click on the appropriate link and enter your TSC username and password. The user information is the same as that which is used to log-on Blackboard.

If there is not a pre-approved proctor in your area, complete the proctor approval process as follows: 

1. Print a Proctor Registration Form and complete the student information: http://www.tsc.fl.edu/media/divisions/student-services/testing-center/Proctor_Registration_Form.pdf
2. Give the form to your proctor, and ask them to complete the proctor information.
3. The proctor must submit the form to the Testing Center. This form can be faxed to (850) 201-8676 or emailed to dltestingcenter@tsc.fl.edu.
4. The Testing Center will evaluate the request and notify the student via email of the status.
Note: Please allow 48 hours for processing proctor requests. Proctor requests will not be processed during midterms or finals weeks. 

Before you register with a proctor, ask the following questions:

1.What is your testing schedule or hours of operation?
2. What fees do you charge?
3. Can I take my tests here during midterms and finals? (Some testing centers have limited availability during midterms and finals.)
4. Does the proctor site administer both online and paper/pencil exams?  
Note: All proctors must be established at the beginning of the semester. Failure to do so may result in missing your testing deadline, receiving an Incomplete grade for the course, or both.

Additional Resources: 

TSC Online: http://www.tsc.fl.edu/academics/academic-divisions/tcc-online/

List of Approved Proctors: https://cpp.tsc.fl.edu/Testing%20Center/Lists/Approved%20Proctors/AllItems.aspx

Proctored Testing FAQs: http://www.tsc.fl.edu/terminalfour/SiteManager?ctfn=download&fnno=60&ceid=1970048259

If you have questions, contact the Testing Center's Distance Education Office at (850) 201-6440 or via e-mail at dltestingcenter@tsc.fl.edu.


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