What does an advising hold mean on my Workday account?

Students with an advising hold will be required to meet with an academic advisor. An advising hold will prevent a student from registering for classes until a meeting occurs.  At the conclusion of advising meeting, the advisor will remove the registration hold making the student eligible to register for classes. 

Academic advisors will assist students, during their first semester, in making an academic plan in their Workday account so that during future semesters students can register from their plan.  

There are three ways to meet with an advisor: 

  1. Schedule a one on one advising appointment via the TSC Advisor Connection in the student's Workday account.
  2. Attend a registration and advising group session on Zoom.  Sign up on the Advising webpage.  
  3. Schedule an Eagle Q advising call back at www.tsc.fl.edu/eagleq

The Advising Center works with students to confirm a career and educational goal, design semester schedules that help balance school and life challenges, and map out the courses and other requirements related to their educational objective according to the requirements at their desired transfer institution. 

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