How do I get credit for a course through an Advanced Placement (AP) Exam or CLEP?

The best way to insure the college that you're applying to or attending receives your scores is to send the scores directly to the school via CollegeBoard at The site houses your AP, CLEP and SAT scores in your College Board account. Through your account you can select different schools you wish to send your scores to. Depending on the scores you made, you may be able to be exempt from some college courses and receive college credit when enrolling and registering for classes. 

You can find a list of credits that can be received through exam here: Credit By Exam

If a student achieves the score listed on an AP, AICE, IB or CLEP exam, state universities and community colleges must award the minimum recommended credit for the course or course numbers listed, even if they do not offer the course.  Up to 45 total credit-by-exam credits may be awarded.

  • Institutions must use the course number listed, unless it would be advantageous for the student to award a specific course number with equal credit that satisfies program prerequisites or other requirements.
  • Institutions must award the same number of credits that are ordinarily awarded for the course or the minimum listed, whichever is greater.
  • Institutions may award more credit than the minimum listed, but may not use additional course numbers that will automatically transfer.  Institutions should carefully consider what is required for students' degree plans before awarding additional credit.
  • Credit by examination may not duplicate credit previously earned through examination or through post secondary courses in which a grade of "C" or higher has been earned.
  • If no specific course number is listed, but a number of credits is given, institutions must award credit.  They may use any appropriate course number in the subject area, or no number.
  • If no minimum credit is recommended for a particular exam, award of credit is at the discretion of the institution.  
  • Institutions may not award credit for scores below those listed.
  • If students have old scores (taken prior to November, 2001), institutions may either use the new minimum scores and course equivalents, or the institution's policy in effect when the student took the exam.


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