Mounting your TSC OneDrive

If you have files stored on network drives or cloud storage services (like OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox), you can access them in Apporto by mounting the drive.  Mounting a drive makes it accessible via Windows File Explorer.

1. Double click the Cloud Mounter icon on the virtual desktop

2. Click on OneDrive

3. Click Connect Now

4. Enter your TSC email address, then click Next

5. Click on Work or school account

6.  Enter your TSC email password, then click Sign in

7. If prompted enter your multi-factor authentication code, then click Verify

8. Click Accept if prompted

9. Read and click GOT IT

10. One Drive is now mounted as O: and you can access any of the files stored on your OneDrive.(Note: You may need to click File Explorer to view files)

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